Transition to retirement
Roger J. Stancliffe et al
Sydney University Press
ISBN: 9781743323274

As much as everyone groans from time to time about the humdrum and stresses of work, retirement is an unsettling prospect for most people. It's a major transition in anyone's life and change of this magnitude often arouses anxiety. This is much more so for people with disability, particularly intellectual disability.

But, as Transition to retirement shows, it doesn't have to be like that. The Transition to Retirement (TTR) program has been developed in response to a genuine problem: the need for an effective approach to supporting older employees to build an active, socially inclusive lifestyle after retirement.

The book, with included DVD, is available for purchase from the Sydney University Press website.

DVD modules

The The Transition to retirement DVD has been produced as a series of modules including:

  • Six stories following people participating in the Transition to Retirement program. All are long-term employees with the Australian Foundation for Disability (AFFORD) in Sydney. Each story details the experiences of the participant, their families, carers and members of the community and volunteer organisations involved.
  • Presentations from the University of Sydney researchers Professor Roger Stancliffe and Dr Nathan Wilson.
  • Comments from the then NSW Minister for Disability and Minister for Ageing, Mr Andrew Constance MP, The Chief Executive Officer of AFFORD, Mr Tim Walton and from the key corporate sponsor, The Trust Company.

Skip to module:

  1. Introduction
  2. Stories: Graeme
  3. Stories: Cedric
  4. Stories: Shirley
  5. Stories: Stephen
  6. Stories: Laurie
  7. Stories: Judy
  8. Comments: Dr Roger Stancliffe
  9. Comments: Dr Nathan Wilson
  10. Comments: Andrew Constance, MP
  11. Comments: Paul O'Neill