Recent Submissions

  • DAS Final Low Pass Resonant Filter 

    Pearse-Hawkins, Louis
    Published 2015-06-25
    This paper outlines the process for designing and implementing an analogue style low pass resonant filter in the digital domain. The characteristics of analogue filters will be discussed and compared to those presently ...
    Open Access
  • The Pulcik - combine tube equaliser 

    Ciccarello, Beau
    Published 2015-06-21
    This document explains The Pulcik including how it exploits a dichotomy of linear systems, and explains its implementation.
    Open Access
  • Spatial virtual sound on head phone 

    WU, DI
    Published 2015-06-12
    A digital 3d sound filter
    Open Access
  • DrumMaster DSP Final Report 

    Stevens, Meisha
    Published 2015-06-17
    The DrumMaster will make your snares snappier, your kicks punchier and your high hats cleaner. All without loosing the natural sound of your kit.
    Open Access
  • A set of pitch tracking, harmonically related resonance filters for monophonic signals 

    Gardiner, Angus
    Published 2015-06-12
    This processor facilitates a range of timbral manipulations and resynthesis approaches for monophonic input signals. The input signal’s fundamental frequency is tracked, and the signal is passed through a series of 11 ...
    Open Access

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