Ecologies of Invention
Edited by Andy Dong, John Conomos and Brad Buckley
Sydney University Press
ISBN: 9781743323571

Are artists, designers and musicians inventors?

Or does the invention originate from scientific discovery alone?

Ecologies of Invention is the first collection of essays that brings together writers and scholars of international standing from the University of Sydney and beyond to examine assumptions underlying notions of inventiveness. The writers explain how inventiveness borne out of aesthetic ambitions is impacting on and changing our culture and society.

Ecologies of Invention describes the articulation of inventive capacities across disciplines and across multiple scales, from personal capacities to the social, spatial and network configurations that drive people to produce inventions.

The book poses new questions for scholars, artists, architects, designers, historians, engineers, scientists, lawyers and economists about the nature, origins and processes of invention.

'This is a challenging book which confronts traditional thinking around creativity and inventiveness and raises issues that need serious debate'.
Barry Jones AO

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