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2009A cross-study transcriptional analysis of Parkinson's diseaseSutherland, GT; Matigian, NA; Chalk, AM; Anderson, MJ; Silburn, PA; Mackay-Sim, A; Wells, CA; Mellick, GD
2010Disease-specific, neurosphere-derived cells as models for brain disordersMatigian, N; Abrahamsen, G; Sutharsan, R; Cook, AL; Vitale, AM; Nouwens, A; Bellette, B; An, J; Anderson, M; Beckhouse, AG; Bennebroek, M; Cecil, R; Chalk, AM; Cochrane, J; Fan, Y; Féron, F; McCurdy, R; McGrath, JJ; Murrell, W; Perry, C; Raju, J; Ravishankar, S; Silburn, PA; Sutherland, GT; Mahler, S; Mellick, GD; Wood, SA; Sue, CM; Wells, CA; Mackay-Sim, A
2009Do polymorphisms in the familial Parkinsonism genes contribute to risk for sporadic Parkinson's disease?Sutherland, GT; Halliday, GM; Silburn, PA; Mastaglia, FL; Rowe, DB; Boyle, RS; O'Sullivan, JD; Ly, T; Wilton, SD; Mellick, GD
2018Dysregulation of Neuronal Iron Homeostasis as an Alternative Unifying Effect of Mutations Causing Familial Alzheimer’s DiseaseLumsden, AL; Rogers, JT; Majd, S; Newman, M; Sutherland, GT; Verdile, G; Lardelli, M
2017Epidemiological Approaches to Understanding the Link Between Type 2 Diabetes and Dementia.Sutherland, GT; Lim, J; Srikanth, V; Bruce, DG
Aug-2018Evidence supporting oxidative stress in a moderately affected area of the brain in Alzheimer’s diseaseYoussef, P; Chami, B; Lim, J; Middleton, T; Sutherland, GT; Witting, PK
2010Exploiting the potential of molecular profiling in Parkinson's disease: current practice and future probabilitiesMellick, GD; Silburn, PA; Sutherland, GT; Siebert, GA
2009Haplotype analysis of the PARK 11 gene, GIGYF2, in sporadic Parkinson's diseaseSutherland, GT; Siebert, GA; Newman, JR; Silburn, PA; Boyle, RS; O'Sullivan, JD; Mellick, GD
2016Human adult neurogenesis across the ages: An immunohistochemical studyDennis, CV; Suh, LS; Rodriguez, ML; Kril, JJ; Sutherland, GT
2018Identification of an immune modulation locus utilising a bovine mammary gland infection challenge modelLittlejohn, MD; Turner, SA; Walker, CG; Berry, SD; Tiplady, K; Sherlock, RG; Sutherland, GT; Swift, S; Garrick, D; Lacy-Hulbert, SJ; McDougall, S; Spelman, RJ; Snell, RG; Hillerton, JE
2018Imaging mass spectrometry of frontal white matter lipid changes in human alcoholicsde la Monte, SM; Kay, J; Yalcin, EB; Kril, JJ; Sheedy, D; Sutherland, GT
2014Lack of reproducibility in re-evaluating associations between GCH1 polymorphisms and Parkinson's disease and isolated dystonia in an Australian case--control group.Newman, JR; Todorovic, M; Silburn, PA; Sutherland, GT; Mellick, GD
2018N-acetyl cysteine in the treatment of alcohol use disorder in patients with liver disease: Rationale for further research.Morley, KC; Baillie, A; Van Den Brink, W; Chitty, KE; Brady, K; Back, SE; Seth, D; Sutherland, GT; Leggio, L; Haber, PS
2014Neuropathology of alcoholismSutherland, GT; Sheedy, D; Kril, JJ
2011NRF2 activation restores disease related metabolic deficiencies in olfactory neurosphere-derived cells from patients with sporadic Parkinson's diseaseCook, AL; Vitale, AM; Ravishankar, S; Matigian, N; Sutherland, GT; Shan, J; Sutharsan, R; Perry, C; Silburn, PA; Mellick, GD; Whitelaw, ML; Wells, CA; Mackay-Sim, A; Wood, SA
2018Optimal Preparation of Formalin Fixed Samples for Peptide Based Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometry Imaging Workflows.O'Rourke, MB; Padula, MP; Smith, C; Youssef, P; Cordwell, S; Witting, P; Sutherland, GT; Crossett, B
Jul-2018Re-investigating the effects of chronic smoking on the pathology of alcohol-related human brain damageMcCorkindale, AN; Sizemova, A; Sheedy, D; Kril, JJ; Sutherland, GT