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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2006Advances in GPS Technology for Measuring TravelStopher, Peter; FitzGerald, Camden; Zhang, Jun; ITLS
Jun-1999Are More Profiles Better than Less? Searching for Parsimony and Relevance in Stated Choice ExperimentsStopher, Peter; Hensher, David A.; ITLS
Dec-2010Can GPS replace conventional travel surveys? Some findingsStopher, Peter; Prasad, Christine; Zhang, Jun; ITLS
Jun-2003Cars, Congestion, Public Transport, and Pricing: A Reality CheckStopher, Peter; ITLS
Mar-2015The challenge of obtaining ground truth for GPS processingStopher, Peter; Shen, Li; Liu, Wen; Ahmed, Asif; ITLS
Feb-2015The challenges and opportunities of in-depth analysis of multi-day and multi-year dataMoutou, Claudine; Longden, Thomas; Stopher, Peter; Liu, Wen; ITLS
Dec-2010Comparing GPS and prompted recall data recordsStopher, Peter; Prasad, Christine; Zhang, Jun; ITLS
Apr-2008Deducing mode and purpose from GPS dataStopher, Peter; Clifford, Eoin; Zhang, Jun; FitzGerald, Camden; ITLS
Jun-2005Designing a Procedure to Undertake Long Term Evaluation of the Effects of TravelSmart InterventionsStopher, Peter; Greaves, Stephen; Xu, Min; Lauer, Natalie; ITLS
Jan-2009Determining trip information using GPS dataClifford, Eoin; Zhang, Jun; Stopher, Peter; ITLS
Jul-2004Dynamic Travel Demand for Emergency Evacuation: The Case of BushfiresStopher, Peter; Rose, John; Alsnih, Rahaf; ITLS
Jul-2006Establishing and Using a Before and After Panel Survey: Case Study of New South WalesStopher, Peter; Swann, Natalie; Bertoia, Tony; ITLS
Apr-2004Estimating Eligibility Rates: A Crucial Component of the Calculation for Response RatesAlsnih, Rahaf; Stopher, Peter; ITLS
Nov-2013Evaluating and improving software for identifying trips, occupancy, mode and purpose from GPS traces.Stopher, Peter; Zhang, Jun; Prasad, Christine; ITLS
Jul-2004Evaluating Voluntary Travel Behaviour InterventionsStopher, Peter; Alsnih, Rahaf; Bullock, Philip; Ampt, Liz; ITLS
Apr-2011Evaluation of GPS device properties for a possible use in future household travel surveysStopher, Peter; Speisser, Nicolas; ITLS
Oct-2010An evaluation of TravelSmart tools for travel behaviour changeZhang, Yun; Stopher, Peter; Halling, Belinda; ITLS-WP-10-20
Jan-2002Exploring the Use of Passive GPS Devices to Measure TravelStopher, Peter; Bullock, Philip; Horst, Frederic; ITLS
Mar-2003GPS Measurement of Travel Times, Driving Cycles, and CongestionBullock, Philip; Stopher, Peter; Pointer, Graham; Jiang, Qingjian; ITLS
Jul-2004GPS Surveys and the InternetStopher, Peter; Collins, Andrew; Bullock, Philip; ITLS