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    • Archiving and sharing data using XML 

      Musgrave, Simon (Sydney University Press, 2006)
    • Creating a digital wordlist for Lopit: a case study in time and motion 

      Billington, Rosey; Musgrave, Simon; Hajek, John (2011)
      A vast range of techniques and technologies is now available to those working in language documentation. With so many options for the collection, storage and presentation of data, it is essential to find and maintain ...
    • Excellence in research for Australia and sustainable data 

      Musgrave, Simon; Hajek, John (Custom Book Centre, 2011-12)
      We are now entering the second round of assessment under the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) model. A number of writers have drawn attention to the problems inherent in this model for the humanities and social ...
    • Language Identifying Codes: Remaining Issues, Future Prospects 

      Musgrave, Simon; Barwick, Linda; Walsh, Michael; Treloar, Andrew (2013)
      The work of organisations such as PARADISEC is crucially dependent on accurate and reliable identification of the languages which are represented in resources. For efficient discovery of resources to be possible, an ...
    • Linguistic scholarship in the data-driven 21st century 

      Musgrave, Simon; Hajek, John (2013)
      Linguistic scholarship in the data‐driven 21st century Two important forces have been acting on the discipline of linguistics since late in the twentieth century: technological changes which allow the capture and dissemination ...