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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2011'The best thing for the baby': mothers' concepts and experiences related to promoting their infants' health and developmentLupton, Deborah
27-Nov-2012Beyond the 'affect heuristic': the emotion-risk assemblageLupton, Deborah
4-May-2013The Commodification of Patient Opinion: the Digital Patient Experience Economy in the Age of Big DataLupton, Deborah; Department of Sociology and Social Policy
18-May-2012Configuring maternal, preborn and infant embodimentLupton, Deborah; Department of Sociology and Social Policy
3-Aug-2012Digital Sociology: An IntroductionLupton, Deborah
25-Nov-2013Digital sociology: beyond the digital to the sociologicalLupton, Deborah
13-Jun-2013Digitized health promotion: personal responsibility for health in the Web 2.0 eraLupton, Deborah
8-Apr-2013Fat Politics: Collected WritingsLupton, Deborah
15-May-2012'I'm Always on the Lookout for What Could be Going Wrong': Mothers' Concepts and Experiences of Health and Illness in Their Young ChildrenLupton, Deborah; Department of Sociology and Social Policy
6-May-2013Infant embodiment and interembodimentLupton, Deborah
Sep-2013'It's a terrible thing when your children are sick': motherhood and home healthcare workLupton, Deborah
5-Apr-2012M-health and health promotion: the digital cyborg and surveillance societyLupton, Deborah
5-Apr-2012Precious, pure, uncivilised, vulnerable: infant embodiment in the popular mediaLupton, Deborah
26-May-2013Revolting Bodies: the Pedagogy of Disgust in Public Health CampaignsLupton, Deborah; Sydney Health & Society Group
1995Very good punter-speak. How journalists frame the news on public healthChapman, Simon; McCarthy, Sophie; Lupton, Deborah