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2013Accommodating Perceptual Conditioning in the Valuation of Expected Travel Time Savings for Cars and Public TransportLi, Zheng; Hensher, David A.; Rose, John M
Sep-2010Accounting for differences in modelled estimates of RP, SP and RP/SP direct petrol price elasticities for car mode choice: A warningHensher, David A.; Li, Zheng; ITLS
2013Behavioural implications of preferences, risk attitudes and beliefs in modelling risky travel choice with travel time variabilityHensher, David A.; Li, Zheng
2012Congestion Charging and Car Use: A Review of Stated Preference and Opinion StudiesHensher, David A.; Li, Zheng
2013Crowding in Public Transport: A Review of Objective and Subjective MeasuresHensher, David A.; Li, Zheng
Sep-2012Crowding in public transport: A review of objective and subjective measuresLi, Zheng; Hensher, David A.; ITLS
Jul-2011Does the choice model method and/or the data matter?Hensher, David A; Rose, John M; Li, Zheng; ITLS
Jan-2011Embedding risk attitudes in a scheduling model: Application to the study of commuting departure timeLi, Zheng; Tirachini, Alejandro; Hensher, David A.; ITLS
Jan-2019Performance Contributors of Bus Rapid Transit Systems within the ITDP BRT Standard: An Ordered Choice ApproachLi, Zheng; Hensher, David A.; Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies (ITLS)
May-2009Petrol consumption and emissions from automobiles: Can policies make a difference?Li, Zheng; Rose, John M.; Hensher, David A.; ITLS
2013Referendum Voting in Road Pricing Reform: A Review of the EvidenceHensher, David A.; Li, Zheng
Jul-2008Regional airports and opportunities for low cost carriers in AustraliaCollins, Andrew; Hensher, David A.; Li, Zheng; ITLS
2015The role of source preference and subjective probability in valuing expected travel time savingsHensher, David A.; Li, Zheng; Ho, Chinh
Aug-2014The Role of Source Preference and Subjective Probability in Valuing Expected Travel Time SavingsHensher, David A.; Li, Zheng; Ho, Chinh; ITLS
2014A Scoping Inquiry into the Potential Contribution of Subjective Probability Theory, Dempster-Shafer Theory and Possibility Theory in Accommodating Degrees of Belief in Traveller Behaviour ResearchHensher, David A.; Li, Zheng
Mar-2010Willingness to pay for travel time reliability in passenger transport: A review and some new empirical evidenceLi, Zheng; Hensher, David A.; Rose, John; ITLS