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    • Early childhood development of boys with genital anomalies 

      Schneuer, Francisco J; Bentley, Jason P; Holland, Andrew JA; Lain, Samantha J; Jamieson, Sarra E; Badawi, Badawi; Nassar, Natasha (Birth Defects Research, 2017-05)
      Male genital anomalies often require surgery in early life to address functional and cosmetic consequences. However, there has been little assessment of developmental outcomes of affected boys.
    • Prosthetic heart valves in pregnancy, outcomes for women and their babies: A systematic review and meta-analysis 

      Lawley, Claire M; Lain, Samantha J; Algert, Charles S; Ford, Jane B; Figtree, Gemma A; Roberts, Christine L. (Wiley, 2015)
      Background Historically, pregnancies among women with prosthetic heart valves have been associated with an increased incidence of adverse outcomes. While there have been advances in prosthetic heart valve design, obstetric ...