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Feb-1994Aviation and Tourism in Nepal: Liberalising Airline Competition in a Less Developed CountryHooper, Paul; ITLS
May-1998Aviation Policy in South East Asia: Alliances, “Open Skies” Bilaterals and Regional Airline MarketsHooper, Paul; Duangphastra, Chackrit; ITLS
Oct-1994The challenge of liberalising airline competition in a less developed country: The case of NepalHooper, Paul; Hutcheson*, Simon; Nyathi, Michael; ITLS
Mar-1992COMPASS AIRLINES: 1 December 1990 To 20 December 1991Nyathi, Michael; Hooper, Paul; Hensher, David A.
Jun-1997Developments in the Aviation Industry in Australia and Asia - Implications for Australian TourismHooper, Paul; ITLS
Jul-1995Economic Evaluation of Road Improvements: A Tourism PerspectiveDaniels, Rhonda; Hooper, Paul; ITLS
Feb-1994Evaluating Strategies for Packaging TravelHooper, Paul; ITLS
Aug-1998Forecasting Aircraft Movements: An Unavoidable Case of UncertaintyHooper, Paul; Cain, Robert; ITLS
Aug-1993Forecasting Tourism Travel on Rural RoadsBowyer, Darrell; Hooper, Paul; ITLS
Apr-1997Liberalising Airline Competition in India: Relevant Lessons from the Australian ExperienceHooper, Paul; ITLS
Jan-1998Measuring Total Factor Productivity of Airports - An Index Number ApproachHooper, Paul; Hensher, David A.; ITLS
Jul-1995Modelling the Demand for Packaged TravelHooper, Paul; ITLS
Jul-1997Open Skies” in India - Is it succeedingHooper, Paul; ITLS
Mar-1994Park-and-Shop Discounts and Price BundlingHooper, Paul; ITLS
Apr-1998Strategic Alliances Among International Airlines And Their Implications For Organisational ChangeBrewer, Ann M.; Hooper, Paul; ITLS