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Mar-2011Analysing speeding behaviour: A multilevel modelling approachFamilar, Russell; Greaves, Stephen; Ellison, Adrian; ITLS
Sep-2011Analysis of a financial incentive to encourage safer driving practicesGreaves, Stephen; Fifer, Simon; ITLS
May-2007Assessing pedestrian exposure to fine particulates at fine levels of spatio-temporal resolutionGreaves, Stephen; Liu, Qian; ITLS
Oct-2018Autonomous Vehicles Down Under: An Empirical Investigation of Consumer SentimentGreaves, Stephen; Smith, Brett; Arnold, Tony; Olaru, Doina; Collins, Andrew T.; ITLS
Nov-2010A combined GPS/stated choice experiment to estimate values of crash-risk reductionFifer, Simon; Greaves, Stephen; Rose, John; Ellison, Richard; ITLS
Mar-2007Daytime Population Tracking for Planning and Pollution Exposure AssessmentCollins, Andrew; Greaves, Stephen; ITLS
Jun-2005Designing a Procedure to Undertake Long Term Evaluation of the Effects of TravelSmart InterventionsStopher, Peter; Greaves, Stephen; Xu, Min; Lauer, Natalie; ITLS
Oct-2010Development of a GPS/GPRS prompted-recall solution for longitudinal driving behaviour studiesGreaves, Stephen; Fifer, Simon; Ellison, Richard; Zhang, Yun; Germanos, George; ITLS
Sep-2010Development of a kilometre-based rewards system to encourage safer driving practicesGreaves, Stephen; Fifer, Simon; ITLS
Jan-2014Development of an online diary for longitudinal travel / activity surveysGreaves, Stephen; Ellison, Adrian B.; Ellison, Richard B.; Standen, Christopher; Rissel, Chris; Crane, Melanie; ITLS
Sep-2006Disaggregate Assessments of Population Exposure to Aircraft NoiseGreaves, Stephen; Collins, Andrew; ITLS
Dec-2017Dynamic responses of freight operators to government policies: a latent curve modelling approachEllison, Richard B.; Greaves, Stephen; Hensher, David A.; ITLS
Aug-2013An empirical assessment of the feasibility of battery electric vehicles for day-to-day drivingGreaves, Stephen; Backman, Henry; ITLS
Apr-2010Missing and inaccurate information from travel surveys: Pilot resultsStopher, Peter; Greaves, Stephen; ITLS
Aug-2007Predicting fine particulate concentrations near a busy intersection in Sydney using artificial neural networksIssarayangyun, Tharit; Greaves, Stephen; ITLS
Apr-2017Smartphone-based Travel Surveys: A ReviewVerzosa, Nina; Greaves, Stephen; Ellison, Richard; ITLS
May-2015Speeding in urban environments: Are the time savings worth the risk?Ellison, Adrian B.; Greaves, Stephen; ITLS
Mar-2009A strategic-level modelling tool for evaluating air quality and greenhouse gas mitigation strategies for urban road freight in SydneyGreaves, Stephen; ITLS
Mar-2011Travel time competitiveness of cycling in SydneyEllison, Richard B; Greaves, Stephen; ITLS
Nov-2018Willingness to participate in travel surveys: A cross-country and cross- methods comparisonVerzosa, Nina; Greaves, Stephen; Ho, Chinh; Davis, Mark; ITLS