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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Communication, Confidentiality and Consent in Mental Health CareRyan, C; Callaghan, Sascha; Large, M
2011Death tourism: Travelling for life-ending proceduresCallaghan, Sascha
11-Nov-2014How to draw the line between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ reasons to dieCallaghan, Sascha
2010Long time, no see. Australians with mental illnesses wait too long before independent review of detentionRyan, C; Callaghan, Sascha; Large, M
2011Meeting the call of the coroner: detention and release of patients under the Mental Health ActRyan, CR; Callaghan, Sascha
2010Proposed changes to the function of the Mental Health Act will erode patient rightsRyan, CR; Callaghan, Sascha; Large, M
2011Refusing medical treatment after attempted suicide : Rethinking capacity and coercive treatment in light of the Kerrie Wooltorton caseCallaghan, Sascha; Ryan, C
2013Risk of Suicide Is Insufficient Warrant for Coercive Treatment for Mental IllnessCallaghan, Sascha; Ryan, C; Kerridge, I
14-Nov-2014Should people with acute mental suffering be allowed to die?Callaghan, Sascha
17-Sep-2014A submission on the issues raised by the review of New South Wales Mental Health Act 2007Callaghan, Sascha; Ryan, CJ
2013Suicide Risk Assessment: Where Are We Now? [Letter]Ryan, C; Large, M; Callaghan, Sascha
11-Aug-2014Surrogacy, Motherhood and baby GammyCallaghan, Sascha; Newson, A.J.
20-Aug-2011A Week Can be a Long Time in Mental IllnessRyan, C; Callaghan, Sascha
9-Apr-2015When a mother's rights clash with the needs of her unborn child.Callaghan, Sascha