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2014Bias in area under the curve for longitudinal RCTsBell, M; King, M; Fairclough, D
2014Caring for women with ovarian cancer in the last year of life. A longitudinal study of caregiver quality of life, distress and unmet needsButow, PN; Price, MA; Bell, M; Webb, P; deFazio, A; Friedlander, M
2013Conquer fear: protocol of a randomised controlled trial of a psychological intervention to reduce fear of cancer recurrenceButow, PN; Bell, M; Smith, A; Fardell, J; Thewes, B; Turner, J; Gilchrist, J; Beith, J; Girgis, A; Sharpe, L; Shih, S; Mihalopoulos, C
2012Conquer Fear: The development and pilot testing of a novel psychological treatment for fear of cancer recurrenceThewes, B; Bell, M; Smith, A; Fardell, J; Turner, J; Butow, PN
2015Pilot of a theoretically grounded psychologist-delivered intervention for fear of cancer recurrence: A Cross- Sectional StudySmith, AB; Thewes, B; Turner, J; Gilchrist, J; Fardell, J; Sharpe, L; Bell, M; Girgis, M; Byrne, D; Clutton, S; Butow, PN
2012Psychosocial outcomes in first-generation immigrant cancer patients in AustraliaSze, M; Butow, PN; Bell, M; Goldstein, D; King, M; Jefford, M; Girgis, A; Eisenbruch, M; Vaccaro, L; Dong, S
2014They say the odds are good, but I can't stop thinking about it: Responding to Fear of Cancer RecurrenceTurner, J; Butow, PN; Thewes, B; Gilchrist, J; Beith, J; Girgis, A; Sharpe, L; Bell, M; Mihalopoulos, C; Shih, S; Smith, A; Fardell, J