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Sep-2019Are respondents aware of the process strategies used in decision-making? Modelling business location decisions using multiple stated process strategiesBalbontin, Camila; Hensher, David A.; Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies (ITLS)
May-2018Do preferences for BRT and LRT change as a voter, citizen, tax payer, or self- interested resident?Balbontin, Camila; Hensher, David A.; Ho, Chinh; Mulley, Corinne; ITLS
Jul-2019Experience as a conditioning effect on choice – Does it matter whether it is exogenous or endogenous?Hensher, David A.; Balbontin, Camila; Greene, William H.; Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies (ITLS)
Jun-2018Firm-specific and location-specific drivers of business location and relocation decisionsBalbontin, Camila; Hensher, David A.; ITLS
Feb-2017Heterogeneity in decision processes: Embedding extremeness aversion, risk attitude and perceptual conditioning in multiple heuristics choice makingHensher, David A.; Balbontin, Camila; Collins, Andrew T.; ITLS
Sep-2018How to better represent preferences in choice models: the contributions to preference heterogeneity attributable to the presence of process heterogeneityBalbontin, Camila; Hensher, David A.; Collins, Andrew T.; ITLS
Jul-2016Information for travelling: Awareness and usage of the various sources of information available to public transport users in NSWMulley, Corinne; Clifton, Geoffrey Tilden; Balbontin, Camila; Ma, Liang; ITLS
17-Nov-2017Integrating Decision Heuristics And Behavioural Refinements Into Travel Choice ModelsBalbontin, Camila