• 5th ESO-ESMO international consensus guidelines for advanced breast cancer (ABC 5) 

      Cardoso, F.; Paluch-Shimon, S.; Senkus, E.; Curigliano, G.; Aapro, M.S.; André, F.; Barrios, C.H.; Bergh, J.; Bhattacharyya, G.S.; Biganzoli, L.; Boyle, F.; Cardoso, M.-J.; Carey, L.A.; Cortés, J.; Saghir, N.S. El; Elzayat, M.; Eniu, A.; Fallowfield, L.; Francis, P.A.; Gelmon, K.; Gligorov, J.; Haidinger, R.; Harbeck, N.; Hu, X.; Kaufman, B.; Kaur, R.; Kiely, B.E.; Kim, S.B.; Lin, N.U.; Mertz, S.A.; Neciosup, S.; Offersen, B.V.; Ohno, S.; Pagani, O.; Prat, A.; Penault-Llorca, F.; Rugo, H.S.; Sledge, G.W.; Thomssen, C.; Vorobiof, D.A.; Wiseman, T.; Xu, B.; Norton, L.; Costa, A.; Winer, E.P.
      Published 2020
      Highlights: This ESO-ESMO ABC 5 Clinical Practice Guideline provides key recommendations for managing advanced breast cancer patients. It provides updates on the management of patients with all breast cancer subtypes, LABC, ...