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Checklist for setting up a community

This is a checklist that you can use to establish whether or not you can set up a community within the Sydney eScholarship. If at any point in the process you are uncertain please email

What constitutes a community?
A "Community" is an organizational or administrative unit of the University that has long-term stability and can assume responsibility for setting Community policies. A community must have a research, teaching or reference focus, and could be a faculty, school, department or research centre. A community can define their sub-communities.

How are communities administered ?
Each community must be able to assign a coordinator who can work with Sydney eScholarship staff. Administration of the community is consistent with the responsibilities of the community and the library.

Does the material meet the following criteria?

  • Produced, contributed, sponsored by or associated with a University of Sydney faculty, department, school or centre.
  • Scholarly or research oriented
  • The author/owner should be willing and able to grant Sydney eScholarship the right to preserve and distribute the work via the institutional repository.
  • If a work is part of a larger series or set of related works, these other works should also be contributed so that as full a set as possible is offered.

If you answered yes to all of the above then we can begin to establish a community. Please email


  • The material being deposited must not include any commercial third party content
  • The community should primarily consist of academic and postgraduate research material, with the exception of honors theses or exceptions made by the department
  • Not include any administrative records
  • The work should be complete and ready for viewing at the time of submission.
  • The work must be contributed in digital form and preferably be referred formats especially those supported by the repository platform