Frequently Asked Questions

What types of material can be archived in the Repository?

Sydney eScholarship Repository invites scholarly works to be archived that have these elements -

  • The work must be produced or sponsored by a University of Sydney faculty, department, school or research centre.
  • The work must be scholarly or research oriented.
  • The work must be the finished version.
  • The author should be willing and able to grant Sydney eScholarship the right to preserve and distribute the work via the institutional repository
  • If the work is part of a series, it is encouraged that other works in that series also be submitted.

Examples of these works include

  • Articles
  • Technical reports
  • Working papers
  • Conference papers
  • Theses
  • Audio/Video
  • Datasets
  • Images

How is the Repository organised?

The Repository organises content around communities and collections. A community could be at faculty level, from which sub-communities can be setup and within these sit the collections of work. Collections are managed by assigned administrators.

Who administers the community and collection?

Each collection will have one (or more) administrators whose role it is to:

  • Maintain the community's guidelines
  • Manage people within the community who will submit content
  • Approve addition items to a collection
  • Make limited customisation to community pages in conjunction with Library contacts
  • Make decisions about community and collection definitions and community membership
  • Arrange for submission and description of content
  • Understand and observe policies relevant to Sydney eScholarship, including those pertaining to rights and license, and educate community submitters regarding these policies
  • Notify of organizational changes affecting submissions

Can I restrict access to material?

It is possible to restrict material, however the Sydney eScholarship Repository is an “open access repository" and as such the expectation is that material submitted will be made publically accessible. If you do not wish your work be publically accessible you may need to seek other archiving options.

What can I do with material accessed in the Repository?

Unless otherwise stated, you should treat the work like any other copyrighted material, and may make "fair use" of it as allowed under law. [See Copyright section]

Submitting material

Describing your work

The descriptive information about your work (metadata) enables it to be searched via the WWW. Some of the metadata in Repository records include -

  • Author
  • Title
  • Date of publication
  • Keywords
  • Series/Report no. information
  • Abstract or description of the work

The Repository offers an easy to use template in which these details are input. Once the metadata is complete, files can be uploaded and (following approval by the administrator) a persistent link (handle) is assigned to your work. Metadata is important as access to your work through search engines such as Google and Google Scholar will rely on the descriptive information you assign to it.

How do I submit my work to the Repository?

There two main ways in which staff may submit material to the Sydney eScholarship Repository.

  • An individual member of staff can submit directly to the repository. The Repository staff will review the data and move it
  • As a member of a particular community a staff member may be  nominated to submit material to a particular collection.

Following this your community and collection will be established on the website and you will be shown how to submit material. Submitting is done through the use of a template in which details of the work are input, and the relevant file then attached to the record.

Will the Repository software (DSpace) provide any metadata?

Yes. The Repository will assign these fields to the record:

  • File format
  • File size
  • Submission date
  • Persistent URL

This information can be used to manage the content over time. If you would like to further customise your collection interface to add more information please contact us at

Will my work have links to the library catalogue, and will the library add any additional metadata to my work?

Yes, in some cases.
University of Sydney theses for instance have a catalogue record. Similarly conference papers can have a record in the catalogue, and provide a link to the material (which sits in the Repository). The better the work is described the greater the chance that it will be found. If you find you want or need assistance with supplying metadata please contact your Faculty Liaison Librarian or staff at the Repository who will be happy to help.

What kinds of files can be submitted, and what size?

The Repository will handle very large files, and there are formats that are preferred such as TIFF, PDF and XML. These are preferred as there is a greater chance that they can be used over time. One of the main reasons for archiving material is to preserve material over the long term, and allow access to it. Certain proprietary formats, for instance, can be rendered useless at an update of software, and cannot be reworked to ensure preservation or access. The Repository will accept all kinds of files but some may not be able to be preserved. There are three main levels of file support -

  • Supported: We fully support the format and preserve it using either format migration or emulation techniques. (eg. TIFF, XML, PDF)
  • Known: We can recognise the format, but cannot guarantee full support. (eg. Word)
  • Unsupported: We cannot recognize a format; these will be listed as "application/octet-stream", aka Unknown.

Repository staff will be pleased to assist you with any problems regarding file formats and preservation issues.

I don't have time to submit my work, can Sydney eScholarship do this for me?

Yes, in some cases Sydney eScholarship can arrange for the metadata to be completed and files loaded into the Repository. This is charged at cost recovery and is subject to staff availability. Please discuss this option with Repository staff or your Faculty Liaison Librarian

What existing material can I submit?

You are encouraged to archive both recent and older material to the Repository. If it is work recently published chances are you will have a digital copy of the material available to submit. This copy must be either a pre-print or post print copy of the work, the actual published version cannot be submitted. If you have older material needing digitisation please speak to Repository staff who can offer some advice about how this might be achieved. Your ongoing collaboration with Faculty Liaison Librarians and Sydney eScholarship staff to identify University material that can be preserved in the Repository will be greatly appreciated.

Can I withdraw material from the Repository?

Yes. If material is withdrawn a "marker" is supplied so if the material is requested (because it has been cited) the original metadata will be available with a withdrawal statement in place of the link to the work. Withdrawn material will no longer be searchable.

Copyright and intellectual property rights.

The copyright of any material deposited in the repository is retained by the depositor/creator. It is your work and it remains your work: the repository exists to preserve and make available that material, but it does not assume ownership rights. For full details of copyright relating to the repository our Copyright section.

I want publish my research

For a comprehensive explanation of the options available to you in relation to publishing your research see the Publish Your Research section as part of the Research Support Site.

Who can I contact about setting up a community and collection?

To discuss your requirements please contact your Faculty Liaison Librarian
or call the Sydney eScholarship Repository staff
Phone: (02) 93517407