Copyright Information

The copyright of any material deposited in Sydney eScholarsip is retained by the depositor/creator. It is your work and it remains your work: the repository exists to preserve and make available that material, but it does not assume ownership rights.

Some questions to consider:

  • May I deposit copies of published articles?
    Yes, but your copyright transfer form must allow you to do so, or the publisher must grant permission. Please see the guide on "Working out publisher permissions".
  • For works that you have already published:
    Check the copyright transfer form that you signed when the article was accepted. If you transferred "exclusive" or "all" rights to the publisher you may need to request the publisher's permission before posting it in the Sydney eScholarship
    To do this you can use the following proformas
    - PDF version
    - MS Word verion
  • What if I have included other people's work?
    If you have used or included other people's work then you must have permission from the copyright owner of the work if you wish to make your work available via the Sydney eScholarship Repository. Please see the University of Sydney Copyright Guide for clearance information.
  • Multiple Authors:
    Where there are multiple authors, the author completing the submission must have agreement from the other co-authors to deposit a copy of the work in the Sydney eScholarship Repository.
  • Where can I find out if I have permissions to deposit?
    Check Sherpa/ROMEO for your publisher permissions. Note that there may be special instructions or restrictions that limits your posting to the refereed manuscript or require a specific kind of citation. If you are unsure contact your publisher. For a guide see "Working out publisher permissions"
  • What can I do to ensure I will be allowed to self archive in the future?
    Many publishers will allow you to archive either in pre or post print format, however some do not. One thing you could try is to add an Author's Addendum

For a guide to copyright please see the University of Sydney Guide to copyright.

Links to Relevant Sites

For a comprehensive list of links to relevant copyright material please see the University of Sydney Guide to copyright.