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About the Sydney eScholarship Repository

The Sydney eScholarship Repository is a University of Sydney Library initiative. The service provides a platform for research communities to safely store, and provide online access to documents and data. It archives a wide range of significant university publications, forming a core global resource for today's researchers and those of future generations.

The Repository forms part of the Library's Sydney eScholarship initiative that includes: Sydney University Press, the Scholarly Electronic Text and Image Service, and Sydney Digital Theses. The Library is also partnering with academic staff to build repositories tailored to specific research community requirements.

If you have print or digital research materials you wish to archive and make accessible online then Sydney eScholarship can help.

For Contributors

The Sydney eScholarship Repository addresses a problem that faculty members have been expressing to the Library over the past few years: how to manage their digital materials. The Sydney eScholarship Repository builds on the growing grassroots faculty practice of self-posting research online.

Some benefits of contributing content to the Sydney eScholarship Repository are:

  • Long-term preservation for a variety of digital formats including text, audio, video, images, datasets, and more
  • A worldwide audience
  • Quick distribution of research results
  • Organized access to the body of a researcher's work for students and others
  • A long-term stable URL that can be used in a citation to link to items in the repository

For Participating Communities

The Sydney eScholarship Repository is designed to make participation easy. Communities (such as schools, departments, labs, and centers) can adapt the system to meet their individual needs and manage the submission process themselves.

Communities can create as many collections as they wish in repository. Each collection can be established with different contributor, access, and workflow options.

The Sydney eScholarship Repository showcases the work of the community to researchers worldwide. The interdisciplinary content of the archive will attract a wider audience than a repository dedicated to one individual discipline.

The Sydney eScholarship Repository relieves community staff of the time-consuming chores entailed in maintaining a publications presence on the web. The Library provides guidance in establishing new Sydney eScholarship Repository communities and assistance to faculty and other users of the system.

For the University of Sydney

The Sydney eScholarship Repository offers the opportunity to provide access to all the research of the University through one interface.

As an institutional repository that represents the University's scholarship, it showcases the international prominence of the faculties both individually and collectively. The ability to distribute research results quickly will emphasize the cutting-edge nature of the University's research.

Through the Sydney eScholarship endeavor the Library is taking stewardship for the archiving, managing and dissemination of digital content produced by the University on a sustainable platform

For the User

The Sydney eScholarship Repository enables easy remote access to the university's research and scholarly materials from one location: the World Wide Web!

Some recent communities:

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