The Sydney eScholarship Repository (SeS) has been upgraded! This upgrade comes with additional features that will benefit you.

1. Single Sign-On (SSO)

University of Sydney users can now login to SeS using their UniKey and password. As an added advantage, if you’re already logged in to other university sites with SSO, you’ll automatically be logged in when visiting SeS.

2. Embargoes

We’ve added a calendar feature to make adding an embargo to your file/s easier. On top of this, it’s now possible to set embargoes at the individual file level. This gives you the flexibility to select which files attached to a record should be embargoed and which files can be accessible immediately.

3. Statistics

Statistics are now available at a community and collection level. Statistics such as “All Time Usage” are presented as a graph for communities, collections and items. As well as item usage information, other popular works by an item’s author are now included in the “Statistical Information”.

4. Recently Added

To highlight new research being produced at the University, we’ve added “Recent submissions” to the SeS homepage. Scroll to the bottom of the screen to see new items as they are added to the collection.

5. Better search functionality

Updated search functionality returns better and more relevant results. For example, when full title is entered in the global search box, the item will display as one of the first in the list of returned results.

6. Simplified view for file information

Information about the file such as file name, type, size, and embargo details are now available at the top of the page of the item’s simplified view.