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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Feb-2016Goal setting with older people in acute care before and after discharge: Occupational therapists' perspectivesDocker, Melissa; Mackenzie, Lynette; Clemson, Lindy; Discipline of Occupational Therapy
11-Feb-2014Exploring the Role of Occupational Therapy in Australian Cancer CareBuckland, Nicole; Mackenzie, Lynette; Discipline of Occupational Therapy
11-Feb-2014Relationships Between Supportive Physical Home Environment and Participation in Life Activities Amongst Community-Living, Older AustraliansJones, Charmain; Mackenzie, Lynette; Discipline of Occupational Therapy
11-Feb-2014A Pilot Study to Investigate the Feasibility of an Occupational Therapy Early Referral Tool for Nurses in Acute CareTan, Emma; Mackenzie, Lynette; Travassaros, Katrina; Yeo, Megan; Discipline of Occupational Therapy
2-Feb-2017Breast Cancer Screening Practices and Associated Factors among Chinese-Australian Women Living in SydneyWang, Lei; Hossain, Syeda Zakia; Mackenzie, Lynette; Discipline of Occupational Therapy
25-Jan-2017The invisible malady: a critical review of the quality of instruments to measure cancer-related cognitive changes (CRCC) in women with breast cancerNunn, Hannah; Mackenzie, Lynette; Discipline of Occupational Therapy
2-Feb-2017An evaluation of the falls prevention practice of community-based allied health professionals working in primary carePrice, Thomas; Mackenzie, Lynette; O'Connor, Claire; Discipline of Occupational Therapy
7-Jun-2018Systematic review (and meta-analysis) of interventions studies with GP involvement in falls prevention for community dwelling older peopleBeavis, Anne-Marie; Mackenzie, Lynette; Clemson, Lindy; Tan, Amy; Discipline of Occupational Therapy
7-Jun-2018The Lived Experience of Refractory BreathlessnessTieck, Kezia; Mackenzie, Lynette; Lovell, Melanie; Discipline of Occupational Therapy
21-Jan-2019The understanding and experience of falls among older people living in the community with mental illness: A qualitative studyKoh, Ling; Mackenzie, Lynette; Lovarini, Meryl; Discipline of Occupational Therapy