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Jan-2015Guest Editorial Telehealth Systems and ApplicationsFeng, Dagan; Kim, Jinman; Khadra, Mohamed; Hudson, Donna; Roux, Christian
30-Dec-2016Dense and Sparse Labeling With Multidimensional Features for Saliency DetectionYuan, Yuchen; Li, Changyang; Kim, Jinman; Cai, Weidong; Feng, Dagan
30-Nov-2018Image-Aligned Dynamic Liver Reconstruction Using Intra-Operative Field of Views for Minimal Invasive SurgeryCheema, Muhammad Nadeem; Nazir, Anam; Sheng, Bin; Li, Ping; Qin, Jing; Kim, Jinman; Feng, Dagan
20-Nov-2017Comparison of new-generation renal artery denervation systems: assessing lesion size and thermodynamics using a thermochromic liquid crystal phantom modelAl Raisi, S; Barry, Michael A.; Qian, Pierre; Bhaskaran, Abhishek; Pouliopoulos, Jim; Kovoor, Pramesh
Oct-2017The End of Traffic and the Future of Access: A Roadmap to the New Transport LandscapeLevinson, David; Krizek, Kevin J.
Jun-2015Emergent Coordination Practice in Post-Disaster Planning of Infrastructure SystemsOpdyke, Aaron; Javernick-Will, Amy; Koschmann, Matthew; Moench, Hannah
2019An FDM study of particle breakage under rotational point loadingWei, D.; Zhao, B.; Dias-da-Costa, D.; Gan, Y.
2018Coupling finite elements for modelling fluid flow in fractured porous mediaVafajou, B.; Dias-da-Costa, D.; Bitencourt, L.A.G.; Manzoli, O.L.
2018Fracture toughness testing using photogrammetry and digital image correlationKan, W. H.; Albino, C.; Dias-da-Costa, D.; Dolman, K.; Lucey, T.; Tang, X.; Cairney, J.; Proust, G.
7-Feb-2017Early identification of mild cognitive impairment using incomplete random forest-robust support vector machine and FDG-PET imagingLu, Shen; Xia, Yong; Cai, Weidong; Fulham, Michael; Feng, Dagan; ADNI