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2018Identification of the hygro-thermo-chemical-mechanical model parameters of concrete through inverse analysisBocciarelli, Massimiliano; Ranzi, Gianluca
2017Modelling complex cracks with finite elements: a kinematically enriched constitutive modelNguyen, V.; Nguyen, G.; Nguyen, C.; Shen, L.; Dias-da-Costa, D.; El Zein, A.; Maggi, F.
2019Comparison of Reynolds averaging Navier-Stokes (RANS) turbulent models in predicting wind pressure on tall buildingsMohotti, D.; Wijesooriya, K.; Dias-da-Costa, D.
2018Coupling finite elements for modelling fluid flow in fractured porous mediaVafajou, B.; Dias-da-Costa, D.; Bitencourt, L.A.G.; Manzoli, O.L.
2018Stereoscopic modelling and monitoring of the roughness in concrete pavementsSarker, M.,; Hadigheh, A.; Dias-da-Costa, D.
2018Shear strength of cross laminated timber-concrete connections reinforced with carbon fibre polymer compositesHadigheh, A.; Dias-da-Costa, D.
2015Crack growth modelling: enriched continuum vs. discrete modelsNguyen, V.P.; Nguyen, G.D.; Dias-da-Costa, D.; Shen, L.; Nguyen, C.T.
2018An embedded strong discontinuity approach based on local degrees of freedom for modelling fracture in concrete structuresCarvalho, M.; Dias-da-Costa, D.
2016Validation of a discrete crack model for lightweight aggregate concrete beamsDias-da-Costa, D.; Gra├ža-e-Costa, R.; Carmo, R.N.F.
2019Chattering-free sliding mode control with a fuzzy model for structural applicationsBaghaei, K.; Ghaffarzadeh, H.; Hadigheh, A.; Dias-da-Costa, D.