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2017Numerical modelling of concrete beams at serviceability conditions with a discrete crack approach and noniterative solution-finding algorithmsDias-da-Costa, D.; Carmo, R.N.F.; Graça-e-Costa, R.
2018Fracture toughness testing using photogrammetry and digital image correlationKan, W. H.; Albino, C.; Dias-da-Costa, D.; Dolman, K.; Lucey, T.; Tang, X.; Cairney, J.; Proust, G.
2017Influence of fibres on the mechanical behaviour of fibre reinforced concrete matrixesSimões, T.; Costa, H.; Dias-da-Costa, D.; Júlio, E.
2017Seismic vulnerability of multi-span continuous girder bridges with steel fibre reinforced concrete columnsZhang, Y.; Dias-da-Costa, D.
2017Influence of concrete strength and steel fibre geometry on the fibre/matrix interfaceSimões, T.; Octávio, C.; Valença, J.; Costa, H.; Dias-da-Costa, D.; Júlio, E.
2017Crack propagation monitoring using an image deformation approachDias-da-Costa, D.; Valença, J.; Julio, E.; Araujo, H.
2018Microstructure characterisation and mechanical properties of a functionally-graded NbC/high chromium white cast iron compositeKan, W. H.; Albino, C.; Dias-da-Costa, D.; et al.
2016Modelling the behaviour of steel fibre reinforced concrete using a discrete strong discontinuity approachOctávio, C.; Dias-da-Costa, D.; Alfaiate, J.; Júlio, E.
2017A discrete framework for fracture simulation based on the embedment of strong discontinuities with minimum degrees of freedomDias-da-Costa, D.; Ranzi, G.
2018An inverse analysis approach for the identification of the hygro-thermo-chemical model parameters of concreteBocciarelli, Massimiliano; Ranzi, Gianluca