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2015Multi-Phase Feature Representation Learning for Neurodegenerative Disease DiagnosisLiu, Siqi; Liu, Sidong; Cai, Weidong; Pujol, Sonia; Kikinis, Ron; Feng, Dagan
23-Dec-2016DeepGene: an advanced cancer type classifier based on deep learning and somatic point mutationsYuan, Yuchen; Shi, Yi; Li, Changyang; Kim, Jinman; Cai, Weidong; Han, Zeguang; Feng, Dagan
31-Jul-2014Supervised Variational Model with Statistical Inference and its Application in Medical Image SegmentationLi, Changyang; Wang, Xiuying; Eberl, Stefan; Fulham, Michael; Yin, Yong; Feng, Dagan
20-Nov-2017Classification of Medical Images in the Biomedical Literature by Jointly Using Deep and Handcrafted Visual FeaturesZhang, Jianpeng; Xia, Yong; Xie, Yutong; Fulham, Michael; Feng, Dagan
3-Dec-2015A Scalable Approach for Content-Based Image Retrieval in Peer-to-Peer NetworksZhang, Lelin; Wang, Zhiyong; Mei, Tao; Feng, Dagan
10-May-2016Occlusion and Slice-Based Volume Rendering Augmentation for PET-CTJung, Younhyun; Kim, Jinman; Feng, Dagan; Fulham, Michael
23-Oct-2015Physical Constraint Finite Element Model for Medical Image RegistrationZhang, Jingya; Wang, Jiajun; Wang, Xiuying; Gao, Xin; Feng, Dagan
12-Dec-2018Model and verification of the NO distribution in curved blood vesselQiao, Huiting; Liu, Cong; Zhao, Hongjun; Feng, Dagan
16-Jan-2017Saliency-Based Lesion Segmentation Via Background Detection in Dermoscopic ImagesAhn, Euijoon; Kim, Jinman; Bi, Lei; Kumar, Ashnil; Li, Changyang; Fulham, Michael; Feng, Dagan
5-Dec-2016An Ensemble of Fine-Tuned Convolutional Neural Networks for Medical Image ClassificationKumar, Ashnil; Kim, Jinman; Lyndon, David; Fulham, Michael; Feng, Dagan