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6-Jun-2014Efficient PET-CT image retrieval using graphs embedded into a vector spaceKumar, Ashnil; Kim, Jinman; Fulham, Michael; Feng, Dagan
17-Sep-2014Creating Graph Abstractions for the Interpretation of Combined Functional and Anatomical Medical ImagesKumar, Ashnil; Kim, Jinman; Fulham, Michael; Feng, Dagan
5-Nov-2015A statistical method for lung tumor segmentation uncertainty in PET images based on user inferenceZheng, Chaojie; Wang, Xiuying; Feng, Dagan
6-Nov-2014Classification of thresholded regions based on selective use of PET, CT and PET-CT image featuresBi, Lei; Kim, Jinman; Feng, Dagan; Fulham, Michael
2-Jul-2015Primary lung tumor segmentation from PET–CT volumes with spatial–topological constraintCui, Hui; Wang, Xiuying; Lin, Weiran; Zhou, Jianlong; Eberl, Stefan; Feng, Dagan; Fulham, Michael
29-Dec-2018A propagation-DNN: Deep combination learning of multi-level features for MR prostate segmentationYan, Ke; Wang, Xiuying; Kim, Jinman; Khadra, Mohamed; Fulham, Michael; Feng, Dagan
4-May-2017Stacked fully convolutional networks with multi-channel learning: application to medical image segmentationBi, Lei; Kim, Jinman; Kumar, Ashnil; Fulham, Michael; Feng, Dagan
23-Aug-2017A Unified Collaborative Multi-kernel Fuzzy Clustering for Multiview DataZeng, Shan; Wang, Xiuying; Cui, Hui; Zheng, Chaojie; Feng, Dagan
Sep-2017Automatic Detection and Classification of Regions of FDG Uptake in Whole-Body PET-CT Lymphoma StudiesBi, Lei; Kim, Jinman; Kuman, Ashnil; Wen, Lingfeng; Feng, Dagan; Fulham, Michael
19-Dec-2015Content-Based Retrieval of Brain Diffusion Magnetic Resonance ImageLiu, Siqi; Hadi, Nur; Liu, Sidong; Pujol, Sonia; Kikinis, Ron; Zhang, Fan; Feng, Dagan; Cai, Weidong