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Jul-2014Resilient and Sustainable Infrastructure Systems: The Role of Coordination, Stakeholder Participation, and Training in Post-Disaster ReconstructionOpdyke, Aaron; Javernick-Will, Amy
Jun-2015Emergent Coordination Practice in Post-Disaster Planning of Infrastructure SystemsOpdyke, Aaron; Javernick-Will, Amy; Koschmann, Matthew; Moench, Hannah
Oct-2014Building Coordination Capacity: Post-Disaster Organizational Twitter NetworksOpdyke, Aaron; Javernick-Will, Amy
Nov-2018A Comparative Analysis of Coordination, Participation, and Training in Post-Disaster Shelter ProjectsOpdyke, Aaron; Javernick-Will, Amy; Koschmann, Matthew
Oct-2016Inter-Organizational Resource Coordination in Post-Disaster Infrastructure RecoveryOpdyke, Aaron; Lepropre, Florence; Javernick-Will, Amy; Koschmann, Matthew
Apr-2017Constructing Authority in Disaster Relief CoordinationKoschmann, Matthew; Kopczynski, Jared; Opdyke, Aaron; Javernick-Will, Amy
Jun-2016Post-Disaster Reconstruction Training EffectivenessZerio, Alexander; Opdyke, Aaron; Javernick-Will, Amy
Jun-2016A Constitutive Communication Lens of Stakeholder Participation in Post-Disaster ConstructionOpdyke, Aaron; Javernick-Will, Amy; Koschmann, Matthew; Moench, Hannah
29-Mar-2018Community Participation in Post-Disaster Shelter Programs: Examining the Evolution of Participation in Planning, Design, and ConstructionVenable, Casie; Opdyke, Aaron; Javernick-Will, Amy; Liel, Abbie
24-May-2016Characterizing Post-Disaster Shelter Design and Material Selections: Lessons from Typhoon Yolanda in the PhilippinesOpdyke, Aaron; Javernick-Will, Amy; Koschmann, Matthew; Moench, Hannah