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4-Jul-2017End-User Development for Interactive Data Analytics: Uncertainty, Correlation and User ConfidenceZhou, Jianlong; Arshad, Syed Z.; Wang, Xiuying; Li, Zhidong; Feng, Dagan; Chen, Fang
13-Jul-2018Computational delineation and quantitative heterogeneity analysis of lung tumor on 18F-FDG PET for radiation dose-escalationWang, Xiuying; Cui, Hui; Gong, Guanzhong; Fu, Zheng; Zhou, Jianlong; Gu, Jiabing; Yin, Yong; Feng, Dagan
23-Oct-2015Physical Constraint Finite Element Model for Medical Image RegistrationZhang, Jingya; Wang, Jiajun; Wang, Xiuying; Gao, Xin; Feng, Dagan
2-Jul-2015Primary lung tumor segmentation from PET–CT volumes with spatial–topological constraintCui, Hui; Wang, Xiuying; Lin, Weiran; Zhou, Jianlong; Eberl, Stefan; Feng, Dagan; Fulham, Michael
19-Jan-2018Study of an Oxygen Supply and Oxygen Saturation Monitoring System for Radiation Therapy Associated with the Active Breathing CoordinatorGong, Guanzhong; Guo, Yujie; Sun, Xuemei; Wang, Xiuying; Yin, Yong; Feng, Dagan
10-Aug-2017Dual-stage deep learning framework for pigment epithelium detachment segmentation in polypoidal choroidal vasculopathyXu, Yupeng; Yan, Ke; Kim, Jinman; Wang, Xiuying; Li, Changyang; Su, Li; Yu, Suqin; Xu, Xun; Feng, Dagan
31-Jul-2014Supervised Variational Model with Statistical Inference and its Application in Medical Image SegmentationLi, Changyang; Wang, Xiuying; Eberl, Stefan; Fulham, Michael; Yin, Yong; Feng, Dagan
19-Aug-2016Topology-aware illumination design for volume renderingZhou, Jianlong; Wang, Xiuying; Cui, Hui; Gong, Peng; Miao, Xianglin; Miao, Yalin; Xiao, Chun; Chen, Fang; Feng, Dagan
9-Jun-2015Topology polymorphism graph for lung tumor segmentation in PET-CT imagesCui, Hui; Wang, Xiuying; Zhou, Jianlong; Eberl, Stefan; Yin, Yong; Feng, Dagan; Fulham, Michael
23-Aug-2017A Unified Collaborative Multi-kernel Fuzzy Clustering for Multiview DataZeng, Shan; Wang, Xiuying; Cui, Hui; Zheng, Chaojie; Feng, Dagan