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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013ADA mesh cities: network, space and memory in the transitional city.Joyce, Zita; Ballard, Su; McCaw, Caroline; Smith, Vicki; Lane, Trudy; Clothier, Ian; Randerson, Janine; Butt, Danny
2013Alberti's window v2.0: a vision machine for expanded spaces of representation.Kuchelmeister, Volker
2013All the world's a screen.Sermon, Paul; Gould, Charlotte
2013Art, mediation and contemporary art emergent practices.Jefferies, Janis
2013Artivis diy forest surveillance kit.Angelo, Pedro; Mendes, Monica
2013Aspects of the art/science equation - media art meeths high energy physics.Henschke, Chris
2013Autism and theory of mind in interactive spaces.Brown, Scott
2013Baby x: digital artificial intelligence, computational neuroscience and empathetic interaction.Lawler-Dormer, Deborah
2013Between one and zero: noise, ghosts and plasticity.Grant, Jane
2013Biting machine, a performance art experiment in human-robot interaction.Granjon, Paul
2013Breathe - wearing your air.Anderson, Benedict; Diniz, Nancy
2013Celebra.Laurenzo, Tomas; Clark, Christian
2013Cine-installation metabook.1: the book of Luna.Waite, Clea T.; Fenton, Lauren
2013Cinematic experiences and the digital moving image.Rivera BerrĀ­io, Ricardo
2013Cloud music: a cloud system.Randerson, Janine
2013Code switching in mixed realities.Innocent, Troy
2013Collaborative registers of interactive art.Joseph, Frances
2013Community mapping: from representation to action.Collins, Dan
2013The connective tissue of physical computing.Diekman, Kristine
2013Creating #citizencurators: putting twitter into museum showcases.Ride, Peter