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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Aug-2016Teaching Civic Education for Democracy: The Impact of Teachers’ Understandings of Democracy on Delivery of the Palestinian National Authority Civic Education CurriculumKerr-Sheppard, Gillian Lesley
12-May-2016Evaluating preclinical therapies for the treatment of tibial pseudarthrosis in neurofibromatosis type 1Deo, Nikita
4-Jan-2016The impact of precise MKP-1 regulation and modulation on cytokine expression in asthma and airway remodellingPrabhala, Pavan
22-Feb-2016“You Say What I Say”: The Value of Studying Elicited Verbal Imitation in ToddlersHodges, Rosemary Amanda
18-Jan-2016Medical image analysis with neural network and deep learningLi, Qing
29-Jun-2016Transformation of Diasporas from a Labour Movement towards a Transnational Religious Movement: The Alevi Diaspora in Germany and AustraliaOzkul Kusoglu, Sacide Derya
1-Aug-2016Motor Control and Self-Regulatory Fatigue Following Facial Nerve ParalysisFrayne, Ellie
28-Jan-2016An optimised patient-specific contrast formula based on cardiovascular dynamics improves vascular visualisation during computed tomography angiographySaade, Charbel
29-Jan-2016Assessment of forage preparation, pequi oil (Caryocar brasiliense) supplementation and incubation temperature on methane emissions and microbial communities using a rumen simulation technique (RUSITEC)Camacho Duarte, Andrea
6-Jul-2016Attitudes to genetic information in Li-Fraumeni families (and their physicians) and the consequences of cancer screening in these familiesMcBride, Kathryn Ann