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    • [Antifonario Códice "Libro de Coro"] 

      Unknown author (1700)
      The antiphonary, a song book for use in a liturgical choir in the Roman Catholic liturgy, was mainly used for singing Mass or the canonical Hours (antiphonarium officii). This antiphonary was compiled and written for the ...
    • Antiphonarium ordinis [manuscript] 

      Unknown author (1781)
      "Soli Deo sanctisque eius sit perpetuo omnis laus atque gloria"--T.p. [Spain? ; 1781]. 18th century antiphonary, with 7 staves per page. The staves, and initials and subtitles, are in red ink, the notes and text in black ...
    • [Late 17th-century Spanish antiphonal] 

      Unknown author (1675)
      [Spain], ca. 1675. This volume contains multiple settings of several sections of the Mass, including the Asperges, Kyrie, Gloria (including one setting with additional clauses praising the Virgin Mary), Credo and Sanctus.