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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2016Pragmatic Trials for Noncommunicable Diseases: Relieving ConstraintsPatel, A; Webster, R
1-Oct-2016The systematic medical appraisal, referral and treatment (smart) mental health project: Development and testing of electronic decision support system and formative research to understand perceptions about mental health in rural IndiaMaulik, PK; Tewari, A; Devarapalli, S; Kallakuri, S; Patel, A
29-Mar-2016The potential and value of epidemiology in curbing non-communicable diseasesPatel, A; Webster, R
16-Sep-2016An integrated general practice and pharmacy-based intervention to promote the use of appropriate preventive medications among individuals at high cardiovascular disease risk: Protocol for a cluster randomized controlled trialHayek, A; Joshi, R; Usherwood, T; Webster, R; Kaur, B; Saini, B; Armour, C; Krass, I; Laba, TL; Reid, C; Shiel, L; Hespe, C; Hersch, F; Jan, S; Lo, S; Peiris, D; Rodgers, A; Patel, A
1-Sep-2016Impact of prior use of four preventive medications on outcomes in patients hospitalized for acute coronary syndrome- Results from CPACS-2 studyLi, M; Huang, Y; Du, X; Li, S; Ji, J; Patel, A; Gao, R; Wu, Y
Sep-2018Investigating multi-leaf collimator tracking in stereotactic arrhythmic radioablation (STAR) treatments for atrial fibrillation.Lydiard, S; Caillet, V; Ipsen, S; O'Brien, R; Blanck, O; Poulsen, PR; Booth, J; Keall, P
1-Dec-2016The effects of a community-based sodium reduction program in rural China - A cluster-randomized trialLi, N; Yan, LL; Niu, W; Yao, C; Feng, X; Zhang, J; Shi, J; Zhang, Y; Zhang, R; Hao, Z; Chu, H; Zhang, J; Li, X; Pan, J; Li, Z; Sun, J; Zhou, B; Zhao, Y; Yu, Y; Engelgau, M; Labarthe, D; Ma, J; McMahon, S; Elliot, P; Wu, Y; Neal, B
11-Aug-2016Does education level affect the efficacy of a community based salt reduction program? - A post-hoc analysis of the China Rural Health Initiative Sodium Reduction Study (CRHI-SRS)Wang, X; Li, X; Vaartjes, I; Neal, B; Bots, ML; Hoes, AW; Wu, Y
2-Dec-2016Do health claims and front-of-pack labels lead to a positivity bias in unhealthy foods?Talati, Z; Pettigrew, S; Dixon, H; Neal, B; Ball, K; Hughes, C
25-Jan-2016Protocol for a cluster-randomised trial to determine the effects of advocacy actions on the salt content of processed foodsTrevena, H; Thow, AM; Dunford, E; Wu, JHY; Neal, B
28-May-2016High variation in manufacturer-declared serving size of packaged discretionary foods in AustraliaHaskelberg, H; Neal, B; Dubford, E; Flood, V; Rangan, A; Thomas, B; Cleanthous, X; Trevena, H; Zheng, JM; Louie, JCY; Gill, T; Wu, JHY
1-Aug-2016Effects of the mediterranean diet on cardiovascular outcomes-a systematic review and meta-analysisLiyanage, T; Ninomiya, T; Wang, A; Neal, B; Jun, M; Wong, MG; Jardine, M; Hillis, GS; Perkovic, V
8-Sep-2016CPAP for prevention of cardiovascular events in obstructive sleep apneaMcEvoy, RD; Antic, NA; Heeley, E; Luo, Y; Ou, Q; Zhang, X; Mediano, O; Chen, R; Drager, LF; Liu, Z; Chen, G; Du, B; McArdle, N; Mukherjee, S; Tripathi, M; Billot, L; Li, Q; Lorenzi-Fihlo, G; Barbe, F; Redline, S; Wang, J; Arima, H; Neal, B; White, DP; Grunstein, RR; Zhong, N; Anderson, CS
1-Dec-2016Completeness of nutrient declarations and the average nutritional composition of pre-packaged foods in Beijing, ChinaHuang, L; Neal, B; Ma, G; Wu, JHY; Crino, M; Trevena, H
13-Aug-2019Supplementary File 1 - Learners’ experience and perceived impact of a health literacy program in adult basic education: a qualitative studyMuscat, Danielle; Morony, Suzanne; Nutbeam, Don; Ayre, Julie; Shepherd, Heather; Smith, Sian; Dhillon, Haryana; Hayen, Andrew; Luxford, Karen; Meshreky, Wedyan; McCaffery, Kirsten
Jul-2018A phantom study to create synthetic CT from orthogonal twodimensional cine MRI and evaluate the effect of irregular breathing.Muller, M; Paganelli, C; Keall, P
Jul-2018Image-based retrospective 4D MRI in external beam radiotherapy: A comparative study with a digital phantom.Paganelli, C; Kipritidis, J; Lee, D; Baroni, G; Keall, P; Riboldi, M
Jul-2018An in silico performance characterization of respiratory motion guided 4DCT for high-quality low-dose lung cancer imaging.Martin, Spencer; O'Brien, Ricky; Hofmann, Christian; Keall, P.; Kipritidis, John
May-2018A CBCT study of the gravity-induced movement in rotating rabbits.Barber, J; Shieh, CC; Counter, W; Sykes, J; Bennett, P; Ahern, V; Corde, S; Heng, SM; White, P; Jackson, M; Liu, P; Keall, P; Feain, I
Jun-2018Imaging performance of a dedicated radiation transparent RF coil on a 1.0 Tesla inline MRI-linac.Liney, GP; Dong, B; Weber, E; Rai, R; Destruel, A; Garcia-Alvarez, R; Manton, DJ; Jelen, U; Zhang, K; Barton, M; Keall, P; Crozier, S
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 287
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