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2015Data. Hepatocyte-specific deletion of ARNT (Aryl hydrocarbon Receptor Nuclear Translocator) results in altered fibrotic gene expression in the thioacetamide model of liver injuryScott, Christopher; Cha, Kuan; Rao, Renuka; Liddle, Christopher; George, Jacob; Gunton, Jenny. E; Westmead Millennium Institute
Apr-2013Neuropeptide Y is a critical modulator of Leptin's regulation of cortical boneWong, IPL; Nguyen, AD; Khor, EC; Enriquez, RF; Eisman, JA; Sainsbury, Amanda; Herzog, H; Baldock, PA
Sep-2015Egg Consumption and Human Cardio-Metabolic Health in People with and without DiabetesFuller, NR; Sainsbury, Amanda; Caterson, ID; Markovic, TP
Jun-2016Fast versus slow weight loss: development process and rationale behind the dietary interventions for the TEMPO diet trialGibson, AA; Seimon, RV; Franklin, J; Markovic, TP; Byrne, NM; Manson, E; Caterson, ID; Sainsbury, Amanda
Apr-2012Macrophage Inhibitory Cytokine 1 (MIC-1/GDF15) Decreases Food Intake, Body Weight and Improves Glucose Tolerance in Mice on Normal & Obesogenic DietsMacia, L; Tsai, VWW; Nguyen, AD; Johnen, H; Kuffner, T; Shi, YC; Lin, S; Herzog, H; Brown, DA; Breit, SN; Sainsbury, Amanda
Jul-2013Postprandial cardiac autonomic function in Prader–Willi syndromePurtell, L; Jenkins, A; Viardot, A; Herzog, H; Sainsbury, Amanda; Smith, A; Loughnan, G; Steinbeck, K; Campbell, LV; Sze, L
Jun-2010NPY Neuron-Specific Y2 Receptors Regulate Adipose Tissue and Trabecular Bone but Not Cortical Bone Homeostasis in MiceShi, Y; Lin, S; Wong, IPL; Baldock, PA; Aljianova, A; Enriquez, RF; Castillo, L; Mitchell, NF; Ye, J; Zhang, L; Macia, L; Yulyaningsih, E; Nguyen, AD; Riepler, S; Herzog, H; Sainsbury, Amanda
Diet_figure.jpg.jpgNov-2011Role of the Gut in Visceral Fat Inflammation and Metabolic DisordersLam, Yan; Mitchell, Andrew J.; Holmes, Andrew J.; Denyer, Gareth; Gummesson, Anders; Caterson, Ian; Hunt, Nicholas; Storlien, Len
11-Mar-2016Estimating cancer distant recurrence rates from administrative datasets: comparison of cancer registry and hospital records.Patterson, Jillian; Arcorace, Maria; Marinovich, Michael Luke; Houssami, Nehmat; O'Connell, Dianne; Lord, Sarah Jane
15-Apr-2016A randomised controlled trial of a code-word enuresis alarmCaldwell, Patrina Ha Yuen; Sureshkumar, P; Kerr, MI; Hamilton, S; Teixeira-Pinto, A; Macaskill, P; Craig, JC