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    • ‘Damaged Goods’: Riskiness and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Young People’s Interactions with Police 

      Dwyer, Angela (Sydney Institute of Criminology, 2011-05-17)
      For some time now, research has suggested lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) young people are ‘at-risk’ of victimisation and legally ‘risky’. Relatively few studies have examined how ‘risk factor’ research ...
    • Force Selling: Policing and the Manufacture of Public Confidence? 

      Lee, Murray (Sydney Institute of Criminology, 2011-05-17)
      This paper explores aspects of the ways in which police image work is conducted in NSW. Specifically, it looks at the links between such image work and the project of public confidence building in the police. Based on ...
    • ANZCCC Proceedings 2010 Table of Contents 

      Sydney Institute of Criminology (Sydney Institute of Criminology, 2011-05-17)
      ANZCCC: The Australian and New Zealand Critical Criminology Conference 2010, Proceedings Table of Contents
    • Observations about the History of Critical Criminology in Australia 

      Carrington, Kerry; Hogg, Russell (Sydney Institute of Criminology, 2011-05-17)
      This paper provides some schematic genealogical observations of a rich and varied field of scholarship in Australia loosely badged as critical criminology. Those working in the critical criminology tradition have been ...
    • Domestic Violence: A Research Agenda 

      Bartels, Lorana (Sydney Institute of Criminology, 2011-05-17)
      This paper presents a brief overview of emerging issues in domestic violence research. Specifically, it sets out a research agenda in the context of rural and remote communities; gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and ...