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  • BDES3020 'inside' <Sze Chun, Lai> 

    Lai, Sze Chun (2011-01-20)
    Under the SKIN, an anatomy theater in Prague, Czech Republic.
  • BDES3020 'inside' <Ying, Wang> 

    Wang, Ying Jr (2010-11-10)
    The concept is to really relate to the theatre and its function. I focused on explore different ways of perceiving the process of anatomy in the theatre. There’s 6 ways of viewing the anatomy and each of these actions has ...
  • BDES3020 '(inside)' <Jingjing, Zhang> 

    Zhang, Jingjing (2010-11-10)
    My concept is to cut the building in to slices like a dissection. People walk around this building seemingly like a journey of visiting the dissection of the building. The inside walls are expanding outwards, some are ...
  • BDES3020 'inside' <Michelle Foo> 

    Foo, Michelle (2010-11-10)
  • BDES3020 'inside' <Ka Ying iris, Leung> 

    Leung, Ka Ying iris (2010-11-10)

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