• Nebulization effects on structural stability of bacteriophage PEV 44 

      Astudillo, Ariel; Leung, Sharon Shui Yee; Kutter, Elizabeth; Morales, Sandra; Chan, Hak-Kim
      Published 2018-01-17
      Reduced infectivity of phage due to the nebulization process has been reported previously, but no visual evidence on structural change upon nebulization has been established, or whether these structural changes can be ...
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    • Preparation of liposome-encapsulated bacteriophage PEV2 formulation 

      Leung, Sharon SY; Morales, Sandra; Britton, Warwick J; Kutter, Elizabeth; Chan, Hak-Kim
      Published 2017-08-11
      Liposome-encapsulated (LE) phages have been reported to improve phage survival rate and biodistribution in body. Conventional thin film hydration followed by extrusion was generally employed to produce LE formulation. This ...
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      Conference paper