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Nov-2016Loading of a Phenanthroline-Based Platinum(II) Complex onto the Surface of a Carbon Nanotube via pi–pi StackingHouston, Stephanie; Venkataramanan, Natarajan; Suvitha, Ambigapathy; Wheate, Nial
Nov-2016Cucurbit[n]urils as excipients in pharmaceutical dosage formsWheate, Nial J.; Limantoro, Christina
15-Jan-2014Topical Cream-Based Dosage Forms of the Macrocyclic Drug Delivery Vehicle Cucurbit[6]urilSeif, Marian; Impelido, Michael; Apps, Michael; Wheate, Nial
18-Feb-2014A cisplatin slow-release hydrogel drug delivery system based on a formulation of the macrocycle cucurbit[7]uril, gelatin and polyvinyl alcoholOun, Rabbab; Plumb, Jane; Wheate, Nial
30-May-2012Cisplatin drug delivery using gold-coated iron oxide nanoparticles for enhanced tumour targeting with external magnetic fieldsWagstaff, Amelia A.; Brown, Sarah D.; Holden, Megan R.; Craig, Gemma E.; Plumb, Jane A.; Brown, Roisin E.; Schreiter, Norbert; Chrzanowski, Wojciech; Wheate, Nial J.
15-Dec-2011Rationalising sequence selection by ligand assemblies in the DNA minor groove: the case for thiazotropsin AAlniss, Hasan Y.; Anthony, Nahoum G.; Khalaf, Abedawn I.; Mackay, Simon P.; Suckling, Colin J.; Waigh, Roger D.; Wheate, Nial J.; Parkinson, John A.
2012Service Quality in Community Pharmacy: an Exploration of DeterminantsWhite, Lesley; Klinner, Christiane
18-Apr-2012Cucurbit[7]uril encapsulated cisplatin overcomes cisplatin resistance via a pharmacokinetic effectPlumb, Jane A.; Venugopal, Balaji; Oun, Rabbab; Gomez-Roman, Natividad; Kawazoe, Yoshiyuki; Venkataramanan, Natarajan Sathiyamoorthy; Wheate, Nial J.
30-Jun-2010The status of platinum anticancer drugs in the clinic and in clinical trialsWheate, Nial J.; Walker, Shonagh; Craig, Gemma E.; Oun, Rabbab
12-Jul-2012Combining aspects of the platinum anticancer drugs picoplatin and BBR3464 to synthesize a new family of sterically hindered dinuclear complexes; their synthesis, binding kinetics and cytotoxicityBrown, Sarah D.; Trotter, Katherine D.; Sutcliffe, Oliver B.; Plumb, Jane A.; Waddell, Bruce; Briggs, Naomi E. B.; Wheate, Nial J.