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18-Jul-2013A Multidisciplinary Research Agenda for Understanding Vaccine-Related DecisionsLarson, Heidi J; Leask, Julie; Aggett, Sian; Sevdalis, Nick; Thomson, Angus
22-Jan-2015Why the public should have a say in high-cost drug subsidiesWortley, Sally; Karikios, Deme
15-Feb-2016Media researchers must understand the audience tooLeask, Julie
11-Oct-2012Royal Australasian College of Physicians Immunisation Position StatementKilham, HA; Leask, Julie
30-Mar-2015Should we do battle with antivaccination activists?Leask, Julie
25-May-2016Marketing to Youth in the Digital Age: The Promotion of Unhealthy Products and Health Promoting Behaviours on Social MediaDunlop, Sally; Freeman, Becky; Jones, Sandra C.
Jun-2016“Lupus means sacrifices” – the perspectives of adolescents and young adults with systemic lupus erythematosus.Tunnicliffe, David J; Singh-Grewal, Davinder; Chaitow, Jeffrey; Mackie, Fiona; Manolios, Nicholas; Lin, Ming-Wei; O'Neill, Sean G; Ralph, Angelique F; Craig, Jonathan; Tong, Allison
16-Jul-2016Self-reported difficulty of smoking cessation among ex-smokers in the Israel Defense Force (IDF) career service personnel: observational study.Vered, Miriam Pepys; Kedem, Ron; Tzur, Dorit; Even, Yoel Har; Chapman, Simon
23-Sep-2016PLoS One - Rising Levels of HIV Infection in Older Adults in Eastern Zimbabwe - minimum datasetNegin, Joel
30-Nov-2016Dynamic simulation modelling of policy responses to reduce alcohol-related harms: rationale and procedure for a participatory approach: supporting documentsAtkinson, Jo-An