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25-Nov-2015The Clinical Relevance Of Non-Invasive Measures Of Liver Health And Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) In Diabetes MellitusWilliams, Kathryn Helen
30-Mar-2016QT Interval Abnormalities in Sulfonylurea Treated Type 2 Diabetes: Relationship to Treatment Induced Hypoglycaemia and Glycaemic Variability Determined by Simultaneous Ambulatory MonitoringMiddleton, Timothy Leigh
19-May-2011Adhesion molecule expression by peripheral blood monocytes and regulation of monocyte adhesion to decidual endothelial cells in normal and in type I diabetic pregnancyKarime, Bilal Mohamad
30-Jun-2016Telomere Length Attrition in Diabetes: Exploring Associations and Cellular MechanismSutanto, Surya Shin Ichi
28-Mar-2013Speciation and Reactivity of Cr(III) Nutritional Supplements in Biological MediaPham, Thi Hanh Nguyen
20-Jan-2017Falling Insulin Requirements and Placental Dysfunction in Women with Pre-Existing Diabetes During PregnancyPadmanabhan, Suja
24-Nov-2016Development and Validation of an Electronic Decision Support Tool to improve Vascular Risk Management in patients with Diabetes MellitusChalasani, Santhi
14-Dec-2016Low back pain and obesity-related factors in twinsBorges Dario, Amabile
12-Feb-2016Characterisation of the immunomodulatory action of a unique anti-cxcr3 monoclonal antibody exploiting a conserved human and murine epitope for transplantationPilgrim, Suzanna M
23-Nov-2015Impact of a diabetes care capacity building program in Pacific Island countriesWin Tin, Si Thu