The Digital Innovation Unit for the Humanities and Social Sciences organises seminars and lectures on various aspects of the use of digital technology in research. Recordings and any presentation files from these events are deposited in this collection.

Recent Submissions

  • Arts Faculty Research Performance Day 2008: Digital Research 

    Sukovic, Suzana (2008-10-31)
    Research Performance Day showcased - in a series of ten minute talks - the richness and diversity of research in the Faculty, on the part of young scholars, established researchers, and postgraduates just embarking on an ...
  • International initiatives in the digital humanities and eScholarship 

    McCarty, Willard; Coleman, Ross; Johnson, Ian; Hayes, Steven (2008-10-23)
    In this workshop, the presenters will discuss their recent experiences with international initiatives and collaboration, and consider future developments. Ross Coleman will report on a recent Library-funded trip to ...
  • Drawing Words, Writing Images 

    Walker, Jonathan (2008-10-23)
    I'm involved in a number of projects that cross different genres and registers - scholarly, literary, fictional and non-fictional - but the one thing they all have in common is that they combine words and images. I'll be ...
  • Ancient remains database, historical maps and GIS in landscape analysis 

    Svedjemo, Gustav (2008-10-08)
    Sweden has two valuable resources that can be used in landscape analyses. The first of these is the Board of Antiquities Ancient Remains GIS Database (FMIS) which catalogues around 1.7 million remains in 600 000 locations ...
  • A carnival of words: The 'Dictionary of Words in the Wild' and public textuality 

    McCarty, Willard (2008-10-08)
    The Dictionary of Words in the Wild is a simple online mechanism for uploading and viewing photographic images of words as they are found, wherever they are found and in whatever condition in the daily environment. Typically ...

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