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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2017A longitudinal four-dimensional computed tomography and cone beam computed tomography dataset for image-guided radiation therapy research in lung cancer.Hugo, G; Weiss, E; Sleeman, W; Balik, S; Keall, P; Lu, J; Williamson, J
13-Feb-2017An MRI-compatible patient rotation system — design, construction, and first organ deformation resultsKeall, P; Whelan, Brendan; Liney, Gary; Dowling, Jason; Rai, Robba; Holloway, Lois; McGarvie, Leigh; Feain, Ilana; Barton, Michael; Berry, Megan; Wilkins, Rob
Apr-2017The first clinical implementation of a real-time six degree of freedom target tracking system during radiation therapy based on Kilovoltage Intrafraction Monitoring (KIM).Nguyen, DT; O'Brien, R; Kim, JH; Huang, CY; Wilton, L; Greer, P; Legge, K; Booth, JT; Poulsen, PR; Martin, J; Keall, P
Apr-2017Development and testing of a database of NIH research funding of AAPM members: A report from the AAPM Working Group for the Development of a Research Database (WGDRD).Whelan, B; Moros, EG; Fahrig, R; Deye, J; Yi, T; Woodward, N; Keall, P; Siewerdsen, JH
May-2017Quantifying the reproducibility of lung ventilation images between 4-Dimensional Cone Beam CT and 4-Dimensional CT.Woodruff, HC; Shieh, CC; Hegi-Johnson, F; Keall, P; Kipritidis, J
Jun-2017Quantifying the accuracy and precision of a novel real-time 6 degree-of-freedom kilovoltage intrafraction monitoring (KIM) target tracking system.Kim, JH; Nguyen, DT; Huang, CY; Fuangrod, T; Caillet, V; O'Brien, R; Poulsen, P; Booth, J; Keall, P
Jun-2017Technical Note: The design and function of a horizontal patient rotation system for the purposes of fixed-beam cancer radiotherapy.Feain, I; Coleman, L; Wallis, H; Sokolov, R; O'Brien, R; Keall, P
Feb-2017Innovations in Radiotherapy Technology.Feain, IJ; Court, L; Palta, JR; Beddar, S; Keall, P
Jun-2017Reducing 4DCBCT imaging time and dose: the first implementation of variable gantry speed 4DCBCT on a linear accelerator.O'Brien, R; Stankovic, U; Sonke, JJ; Keall, P
Jun-2017Quantification of intrafraction prostate motion and its dosimetric effect on VMAT.Juneja, P; Colvill, E; Kneebone, A; Eade, T; Ng, JA; Thwaites, DI; Keall, P; Kaur, R; Poulsen, P; Booth, JT