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2015Quantifying the impact of respiratory-gated 4D CT acquisition on thoracic image quality: A digital phantom study.Bernatowicz, K; Keall, P; Mishra, P; Knopf, A; Lomax, A; Kipritidis, J
Jan-2016Estimating lung ventilation directly from 4D CT Hounsfield unit valuesKipritidis, J; Hofman, M; Siva, S; Callahan, J; Le Roux, P; Woodruff, H; Counter, W; Keall, P
Aug-2016Reconstruction of implanted marker trajectories from cone-beam CT projection images using interdimensional correlation modelingChung, H; Poulsen, P; Keall, P; Cho, S; Cho, B
Dec-2013Impact of the MLC on the MRI field distortion of a prototype MRI-linac.Kolling, S; Oborn, B; Keall, P
May-2016Quantifying the accuracy of the tumor motion and area as a function of acceleration factor for the simulation of the dynamic keyhole magnetic resonance imaging methodLee, D; Greer, P; Pollock, S; Kim, T; Keall, P
Sep-2014DMLC tracking and gating can improve dose coverage for prostate VMATColvill, E; Poulsen, P; Booth, J; O'Brien, R; Ng, J; Keall, P
Jan-2015The first clinical treatment with kilovoltage intrafraction monitoring (KIM): A real-time image guidance methodKeall, P; Ng, J; O'Brien, R; Colvill, E; Huang, C-Y; Poulsen, P; Fledelius, W; Juneja, P; Simpson, E; Bell, L; Alfieri, F; Eade, T; Kneebone, A; Booth, J
Oct-2013Increasing dependence on industry-funded research creates higher risk of biased reporting in medical physicsDieterich, S; Keall, P; Orton, C
Jan-2014Validating and improving CT ventilation imaging by correlating with ventilation 4D-PET/CT using 68Ga-labeled nanoparticles.Kipritidis, J; Siva, S; Hofman, M; Callahan, J; Hicks, R; Keall, P
May-2015Proton beam deflection in MRI fields: Implications for MRI-guided proton therapyOborn, B; Dowdell, S; Metcalfe, P; Crozier, S; Mohan, R; Keall, P