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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Oct-2016Linkage rate between NSW Perinatal Data Collection birth records and government school NAPLAN educational records, by gestational age at birthHennessy, Daneeta; Torvaldsen, Siranda; Roberts, Christine L.
27-Jul-2016The Candida in Pregnancy Study - Statistical Analysis PlanPatterson, Jillian A.; Algert, Charles S.; Roberts, Christine L.
2016Variation in and factors associated with timing of low risk, pre-labour repeat caesarean sections in NSW, 2008-2011Schemann, Kathrin; Patterson, Jillian A.; Nippita, Tanya A.; Ford, Jane B.; Matha, Deborah; Roberts, Christine L.
2016Prevalence of noncaesarean uterine surgical scars in a maternity populationNippita, Tanya A.; Schemann, Kathrin; Roberts, Christine L.
2016Contribution of Changing Risk Factors to the Trend in Breech Presentation at TermBin, Yu Sun; Roberts, Christine L.; Nicholl, Michael C.; Nassar, Natasha; Ford, Jane B.
2016Outcomes of breech birth by mode of delivery: a population linkage studyBin, Yu Sun; Roberts, Christine L.; Ford, Jane B.; Nicholl, Michael C.
2016High maternal iron status, dietary iron intake and iron supplement use in pregnancy and risk of gestational diabetes mellitus: In-house study and systematic reviewKhambalia, Amina Z.; Aimone, Ashley; Nagubandi, Preethi; Roberts, Christine L.; McElduff, Aidan; Morris, Jonathan M.; Powell, Katie; Tasevski, Vitomir; Nassar, Natasha
2016Iron deficiency in early pregnancy using serum ferritin and soluble transferrin receptor concentrations are associated with pregnancy and birth outcomes.Khambalia, Amina Z.; Collins, Clare E.; Roberts, Christine L.; Morris, Jonathan M.; Powell, Katie; Tasevski, Vitomir; Nassar, Natasha
2016Vulvoplasty in NSW 2001-2013: A population-based record-linkage studyAmpt, Amanda J.; Roach, Vijay; Roberts, Christine L.
1-Jun-2016Maternity Care in NSW - Having Your Say 2013-14. A survey about women’s views of their maternity careTodd, Angela L.; Porter, Maree; Ampt, Amanda J.; Morris, Jonathan M.; Nicholl, Michael C.; Roberts, Christine L.