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2015Prelabor cesarean delivery for twin pregnancies close to term is associated with reduced mortalityRoberts, Christine L.; Algert, Charles S.; Nippita, Tanya A.; Bowen, Jennifer R.; Shand, Antonia W.; Kolling Institute of Medical Research, University of Sydney, NSW Australia
2015Age of blood and adverse outcomes in a maternity populationPatterson, Jillian A.; Irving, David O.; Isbister, James P.; Morris, Jonathan M.; Mayson, Eleni; Roberts, Christine L.; Ford, Jane B.
2015Variation in hospital caesarean section rates for women with at least one previous caesarean section: a population based cohort studySchemann, Kathrin; Patterson, Jillian A.; Nippita, Tanya A.; Ford, Jane B.; Roberts, Christine L.
2015Pregnancy outcomes for women with rare autoimmune diseasesChen, Jian Sheng; Roberts, Christine L.; Simpson, Judy M.; March, Lyn M.
2015Pre-notification letter type and response rate to a postal survey among women who have recently given birthTodd, Angela L.; Porter, Maree; Williamson, Jennifer; Patterson, Jillian A.; Roberts, Christine L.
2015Treatment of vaginal candidiasis for the prevention of preterm birth: a systematic review and meta-analysisRoberts, Christine L.; Algert, Charles S.; Rickard, Kristen L; Morris, Jonathan M.; Kolling Institute of Medical Research, University of Sydney, NSW Australia
13-Feb-2015The impact of first birth obstetric anal sphincter injury on the subsequent birth: a population-based linkage studyAmpt, Amanda J.; Roberts, Christine L.; Morris, Jonathan M.; Ford, Jane B.
Jan-2015WHAT FACTORS CONTRIBUTE TO HOSPITAL VARIATION IN OBSTETRIC TRANSFUSION RATES?Patterson, Jillian A.; Roberts, Christine L.; Isbister, James P.; Irving, David O.; Nicholl, Michael C.; Morris, Jonathan M.; Ford, Jane B.
2015Knowledge, attitude and experience of episiotomy use among obstetricians and midwives in Viet NamTrinh, Anh T.; Roberts, Christine L.; Ampt, Amanda; Kolling Institute of Medical Research, University of Sydney, NSW Australia
Apr-2015Variation in hospital caesarean rates among nulliparae at term is unexplained and unrelated to maternal or neonatal outcome: a population based cohort studyNippita, Tanya; Lee, Yuen Li; Patterson, Jillian; Ford, Jane; Morris, Jonathan; Nicholl, Michael; Roberts, Christine L.