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2014In reply: One moment doctor! Have you forgotten hand hygiene?Gilbert, GL
2014Rolling circle amplification for direct detection of rpoB gene mutations in Mycobacterium tuberculosis directly from clinical specimensChen, X-Y; Wang, B; Yang, W; Kong, Fanrong; Li, C-Y; Sun, Z-G; Jelfs, P; Gilbert, GL
2013Escherichia coli sequence type 131 (ST131) as a prominent cause of antibiotic resistance among clinical and fecal Escherichia coli isolates from reproductive-age womenKudinha, T; Johnson, JR; Andrew, SD; Kong, Fanrong; Anderson, P; Gilbert, GL
2009The role of patients in European Clinical Ethics ConsultationNewson, A.J.; Neitzke, G; Reiter-Theil, S
2014Communication, Confidentiality and Consent in Mental Health CareRyan, C; Callaghan, Sascha; Large, M
2009Diversity of group B streptococcus serotypes causing urinary tract infection in adultsUlett, K; Benjamin, WH; Schembri, M; Kong, Fanrong; Gilbert, GL; Ulett, G
2010History and Social Change in Health and MedicineHooker, C
8-Jan-2015Symptoms, Diseases and Aberrant Behaviours Attributed to Wind Turbine ExposureChapman, Simon
2014Managing ethical issues in patient care and the need for clinical ethics supportDoran, E; Fleming, J; Kerridge, I; Stewart, C; Jordens, C
30-May-2013CESR Supp Table 2: Calculation of surgical outcome and care process indicators for colorectal cancer in NSW, 2007-2008Jorgensen, Mikaela; Young, Jane; Dobbins, Timothy A.; Solomon, Michael; Sydney School of Public Health