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2003Molecular investigation of TBP allele length: a SCA17 cellular model and population studyReid, SJ; Rees, MI; van Room-Mom, WM; Jones, AL; MacDonald, ME; Sutherland, G; During, MJ; Faull, RL; Owen, MJ; Dragunow, M; Snell, RG
2017Retiring the term FTDP-17 as MAPT mutations are genetic forms of sporadic frontotemporal tauopathiesForrest, SL; Kril, JJ; Stevens, C; Kwok, JB; Hallupp, M; Kim, W; Huang, Y; McGinley, C; Werka, H; Kiernan, MC; Gotz, J; Spillantini, MG; Hodges, JR; Ittner, LM; Halliday, GM
2015The persistence of professional boundaries in health care: A re-examination using a theory of foundational valuesMontgomery, K; Lipworth, W; Fitzgerald, L
2014Neuropathology of alcoholismSutherland, GT; Sheedy, D; Kril, JJ
2011NRF2 activation restores disease related metabolic deficiencies in olfactory neurosphere-derived cells from patients with sporadic Parkinson's diseaseCook, AL; Vitale, AM; Ravishankar, S; Matigian, N; Sutherland, GT; Shan, J; Sutharsan, R; Perry, C; Silburn, PA; Mellick, GD; Whitelaw, ML; Wells, CA; Mackay-Sim, A; Wood, SA
2005A mutation in bovine keratin 5 causing epidermolysis bullosa simplex, transmitted by a mosaic sireFord, CA; Stanfield, AM; Spelman, RJ; Smits, B; Ankersmidt-Udy, AE; Cottier, K; Holloway, H; Walden, A; Al-Wahb, M; Bohm, E; Snell, RG; Sutherland, G
Jul-2018Re-investigating the effects of chronic smoking on the pathology of alcohol-related human brain damageMcCorkindale, AN; Sizemova, A; Sheedy, D; Kril, JJ; Sutherland, GT
Dec-2018Response of the Inner Ear to Lipopolysaccharide Introduced Directly into Scala Media.Brown, Daniel; Sokolic, Ljiljana; Fung, Albert; Pastras, Christopher
Mar-2018Passive magnetic shielding in MRI-Linac systems.Whelan, B; Kolling, S; Oborn, BM; Keall, P
15-Apr-2018Mistreatment in Australian medical education: a student-led scoping of experiencesSzubert, A.-K; Gibberd, A.; Buisson, E.; Hooker, C; Ivory, K.