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2-Jul-2016Ethical Aspects of Cancer ScreeningCarter, SM; VELiM
3-Aug-2016All care, but whose responsibility? Community juries reason about expert and patient responsibilities in prostate-specific antigen screening for prostate cancerDegeling, C; Carter, SM; Rychetnik, L; VELiM
8-Jul-2016A definition and ethical evaluation of overdiagnosisCarter, SM; Degeling, C; Doust, J; Barratt, A; VELiM
Nov-2012My time; your time; the time of living with myelomaStephens, M; Jordens, C; Kerridge, I; Carter, SM; McKenzie, H; King, T; VELiM
2016CJCheck Stage 1: development and testing of a checklist for reporting community juries – Delphi process and analysis of studies published in 1996–2015Thomas, R; Sims, R; Degeling, C; Street, JM; Carter, SM; Rychetnik, L; Whitty, JA; Wilson, A; Ward, P; Glaziou, P
2014Incorporating evidence and politics in health policy: Can institutionalising evidence review make a difference?Flitcroft, K; Gillespie, J; Carter, SM; Salkeld, G; Trevena, L; VELiM
Dec-2001Worshipping at the Alpine Altar: promoting tobacco in a world without advertising.Carter, SM
2012Evidence-based practice?Binns, C; Jancey, J; Howat, P; Carter, SM
2011'When good evidence is not enough: the role of context in bowel cancer screening policy in New Zealand'.Flitcroft, K; Gillespie, J; Carter, SM; Trevena, L; Salkeld, G
2012Public health ethics: informing better public health practice (peer reviewed editorial)Carter, SM; Kerridge, I; Sainsbury, P; Letts, JK