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19-Jan-2012Lack of effect of lowering LDL cholesterol on cancer: meta-analysis of individual data from 175,000 people in 27 randomised trials of statin therapyEmberson, Jonathan R; Kearney, Patricia M; Blackwell, Lisa; Newman, Connie; Reith, Christina; Bhala, Neeraj; Holland, Lisa; Peto, Richard; Keech, Anthony; Collins, Rory; Simes, John; Baigent, Colin
25-Feb-2014The rising cost of anticancer drugs in AustraliaKarikios, DemeJ; Schofield, Deborah; Salkeld, Glenn; Mann, Kristy P; Trotman, Judith; Stockler, Martin
2015Discursive constructions of youth cancer: findings from creative methods research with healthy young peopleMooney-Somers, Julie; Lewis, P; Kerridge, I
14-Jan-2014Improving subjective perception of personal cancer risk: systematic review and meta-analysis of educational interventions for people with cancer or at high risk of cancerDieng, Mbathio; Watts, Caroline G; Kasparian, Nadine A; Morton, Rachael L; Mann, Graham J; Cust, Anne E
2008Clonal diversity in carcinomas: its implications for tumour progression and the contribution made to it by epithelial-mesenchymal transitions.Lyons, J. Guy; Lobo, Erwin; Martorana, Anna M; Myerscough, Mary R; Discipline of Dermatology
21-Aug-2015Validating self-report and proxy reports of the Dexamethasone Symptom Questionnaire-Chronic for the evaluation of longer-term corticosteroid toxicityAgar, Meera; Koh, E.S.; Gibbs, Emma; Barnes, Elizabeth H.; Hovey, Elizabeth; Livingstone, Ann; Sawkins, Kate; Chye, R; Lovell, M.R.; Clark, K.; Vardy, J.; King, Madeleine
Jul-2017What is overdiagnosis and why should we take it seriously in cancer screening?Carter, SM; Barratt, A
27-Jul-2017Debates About Accelerated Access to Medicines: Reality or Rhetoric?Pace, Jessica; Menzies Centre for Health Policy
26-Oct-2017Can we cure the price problem for new cancer technologies?Sullivan, Richard; Menzies Centre for Health Policy
2015Liminal Reproductive Experiences after Therapies for Hematological MalignancyHalliday, L.E.; Boughton, M.A.; Kerridge, I