• The effects of a community-based sodium reduction program in rural China - A cluster-randomized trial 

      Li, N; Yan, LL; Niu, W; Yao, C; Feng, X; Zhang, J; Shi, J; Zhang, Y; Zhang, R; Hao, Z; Chu, H; Zhang, J; Li, X; Pan, J; Li, Z; Sun, J; Zhou, B; Zhao, Y; Yu, Y; Engelgau, M; Labarthe, D; Ma, J; McMahon, S; Elliot, P; Wu, Y; Neal, B
      Published 2016-12-01
      Background: Average sodium intake and stroke mortality in northern China are both among the highest in the world. An effective, low-cost strategy to reduce sodium intake in this population is urgently needed. Objective: ...
      Open Access