• Discovery of drugs to treat cytokine storm-induced cardiac dysfunction using human cardiac organoids 

      Mills, Richard J; Humphrey, Sean J; Fortuna, Patrick RJ; Quaife-Ryan, Gregory A; Mehdiabadi, Neda R; Devilée, Lynn; Voges, Holly K; Reynolds, Liam T; Krumeich, Sophie; Mathieson, Ellen; Griffen, Brendan; Titmarsh, Drew; Porrello, Enzo R; Smyth, Mark J; Engwerda, Christian R; MacDonald, Kelli PA; Bald, Tobias; James, David E; Hudson, James E
      Published 2020-01-01
      SUMMARY SARS-CoV2 infection leads to cardiac injury and dysfunction in 20-30% of hospitalized patients 1 and higher rates of mortality in patients with pre-existing cardiovascular disease 2,3 . Inflammatory factors released ...